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ribbon tear stripRibbon tear strips can bring life to even the most modest bottle packaging. Signet’s high-quality materials produce airtight seals that preserve the life of the product while remaining easy to open for consumption.


Our bottle tear strips feature a durable ribbon that users grip to unwind the wax or resin seal with minimal force. The tear strips come in a variety of colours and sizes, depending on the application required.
Each ribbon strip forms part of a permanent, tamper-proof enclosure that is superior to traditional strip cap seals in both form and function. We use premium materials that accent the luxury of your brand and make opening your product as good as consuming it. A “superior opening experience” is our guarantee.


Our ribbon tear strips are perfect for all size of bottles. Our process and techniques will elevate your brand by providing functional seals that keep your products safe until your eager customers are ready to consume them. We emphasise quality and luxury in our sealing process – always aiming to meet the high standards that our clients demand and deserve.

Utilise our ribbon tear strip sealing process to leave an impression that your customers will not forget.

For more information, contact our sales team on or call us on +44 (0)1733 396080.