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Signet has a wide range of bespoke brand embellishments, reflecting our company’s high standards. Our team benefits from decades of experience in providing quality products that embody and enhance different brands. Having worked with many well-established businesses, we understand what it takes to satisfy our clients’ refined tastes in branding aesthetics. As such, we have developed a collection of professionally produced products that make your brand stand out.

Using a variety of processes, including resin doming, injection moulding and die-casting, among others, Signet has created an impressive array of brand embellishments, including:


Our die-cast medallions are perfect for fine food product packaging, as well as wines and premium spirits. They can be attached to bows, lending a classic appeal to the packaging. Highly customisable, they are the embellishments of choice for many clients.


The intricacy of charms make them a stylish adornment. Used as a fashionable accessory or embellishment, Signet can certainly add a special finishing touch to products. All our charms are bespoke and created using specialised tools and processes.


Coins give off an undeniably grand feel, whether they are displayed or kept. It is possible to make these classic tokens even more appealing with elegant designs created just for our clients. Unique and enduring, they make the perfect collectibles.


The cartouche is a great way to make a mark with your brand. Cartouches have been valuable artefacts since ancient times, and Signet can certainly bring a modern, yet timeless, touch to any brand with our services.


With their distinct and authoritative appeal, badges create a powerful look. At Signet, we provide bespoke badge designs to suit your taste and requirements. Our dedication to quality and attention to detail will give you your desired results.


An indicator of quality, seals should be made with specialised materials that complement the product packaging and create a prestigious and well-preserved appearance. At Signet, this is exactly what we offer with our range of quality seals.

Neck Wrap and Collar

Signet not only offers brand embellishments, our products also enhance stylish items such as neck wraps and collars with a unique and premium feel. They make ideal presents and souvenirs.

Hang Tag

Branded items are not complete without tags that bear their brand names. The simplest and arguably the most effective means of establishing brand identity, hang tags are also some of the popular products we offer here at Signet.


Signet provides products that give instant brand recognition, and plaques are a classic example of this. Let Signet create bespoke plaques for you.

Gift Tag and Ribbon

Gift tags and ribbons go extremely well with our custom embellishments. Our clients can opt to attach them to our products, making their items ready for giving and receiving.


Keyrings are popular souvenir items. Mostly sold in tourist attractions, keyrings designed by Signet serve as prized memorabilia which guests can take home after their trips.

Signet’s wide range of brand embellishments and other well-designed products are perfect for a number of applications across different industries. Browse through our website to see what else we have on offer.