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Single Malt Whisky and Classy Appeal: Inseparable Associations

M (most notably in James Bond films) and Sterling Archer (from Archer, the animated spy series), are espionage agents from different sides of the Atlantic. These two characters in recent entertainment history share a common trait, in that they are avid drinkers of single malt Scotch whisky. Read More

The Science Behind Luxury Packaging

Have you ever wondered how some packaging appears luxurious to people? How exactly a mere way of packing a product elicits a luxe response from the consumers? With our over 20 years of experience in product quality design, we’ll share a few bits about the science behind the luxury packaging.Read More

Prime Presentation: The Value of Professional Packaging to Your Product

The old saying ‘first impressions last the longest’ applies to selling your products. You can argue that your business’ product may be the best there is, but it will fall flat on your customers’ palate if it does not look like the best product out there. It may seem superficial, but the packaging, not the actual product, is often what determines if the product sells.Read More

Thinking Outside the Box: The History of Gift Wrapping

Does it not go unexplained how giving presents requires gift wrapping? Sometimes, presents come in bags and boxes, too. The important thing to consider is how a present must come in pretty and artful packaging. Wrapping presents has become a tradition across cultures, but when did this act of decorating and concealing them start?Read More